Insect Fossil Collection(13)
Lot 2069
Framed Collection of Thirteen Fossil Insects
US$ 4,000 - 5,000
£2,400 - 3,000
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Framed Collection of Thirteen Fossil Insects
Orders: Neuroptera, Araneae, Isoptera, Heteroptera, Orthoptera, Hymenoptera, Odonata / Anisoptera, Ephemeroptera, Heteroptera, Diptera, Coleoptera, Blattodea, Auchenorrhyncha
Crato Formation, Nova Olinda, Ceara, Brazil

This impressive collection of specimens includes a fossil lacewing, spider, termite, bug, grasshopper, wasp, dragonfly, mayfly, bug, fly, beetle, cockroach and cicada.
Frame measures 32 x 24in; largest fossil specimen measures 1.5 x 2in
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