Walrus Jaw Bone (Demon Skull)
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Fossil Walrus Bone Skull Sculpture
US$ 7,000 - 9,000
£4,200 - 5,400
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Fossil Walrus Bone Skull Sculpture
Pan Astgifl
Saint Laurence Island, Alaska
Carved from the fossilized mandible (jawbone) of a juvenile prehistoric walrus dated at approximately 20,000 years, this extraordinary skull-form sculpture displays the superb artistry of a masterwork. Inspired by Pan, the ancient Greek god of nature, fertility and music, the meticulous detail invites the viewer to ever-closer inspection. Saint Laurence Island is one of the few localities where walrus fossils are found. Walruses are marine animals which live and die on the shores of polar seas, at sea and on the pack ice. Walrus fossils are sometimes associated with ancient Inuit settlements.
Measures 5 x 3 7/8 x 2 3/4in
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