SHORT (RICHARD) 'Terra Nova' leaving Cardiff, 15 June 1910, oil painting
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SHORT (RICHARD) 'Terra Nova' leaving Cardiff, 15 June 1910
Sold for £16,250 (US$ 27,313) inc. premium
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'Terra Nova' leaving Cardiff, 15 June 1910, oil on canvas, original label "Terra Nova... by Richard Short, 22 The Walk, Cardiff. No 1-" retained (loose), 750 x 1250mm., captioned and signed "Richard Short", [1910]


  • "'Terra Nova' leaving Cardiff for the South Polar Regions, 15th June 1910" depicts the ship being towed by tugs from Bute Docks; The Royal Hotel (where the celebrated "farewell" dinner was held on the 13th) and town hall prominent in the background.

    Reflecting the pride of the City of Cardiff for the role it played in helping fund the Antarctic expedition, the painting was commissioned from the marine artist Richard Short (1841-1916) by Alderman W.H. Renwick and W.H. Newton, after a subscription organised by the Cardiff Docks community. In Scott's Last Expedition (1913, vol. 2, p.499) Commander E. Evans acknowledged "the unbounded hospitality of the Cardiff citizens... who docked and coaled the ship for us, gave freely in money and kind, and made their generosity so felt that Captain Scott promised that Cardiff should be the home port of the Terra Nova".

    When the announcement of the deaths of Scott and his companions appeared in the newspapers on 11 February 1913 "the immediate response of the Cardiff Docksmen was to accord their respect to the memory of Captain Scott by draping the Union Jack and black crepe over Richard Short's painting of the Terra Nova which occupied pride of place in the Library of Exchange Building" (A.J. Johnson, Scott of the Antarctic and Cardiff). Almost three years to the day, on June 14 1913, Terra Nova arrived back at Cardiff, met by sixty thousand well-wishers, amongst them Kathleen Scott and her son Peter who boarded for a private reunion with the survivors. The figurehead of Terra Nova was later presented to the city by the ship's owners.

    Provenance: Commissioned for the Exchange Building, Cardiff; Coes Auction, 1968; Peter Philp; Private Collection, Wales.
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