SHACKLETON (ERNEST H.) The Bill of Sale for the Nimrod by Shackleton, 1911
Lot 78
NIMROD - SHACKLETON (ERNEST HENRY) The Bill of Sale for the Nimrod by Shackleton, 1911
Sold for £7,500 (US$ 12,546) inc. premium
Lot Details
SHACKLETON (ERNEST HENRY) The Bill of Sale for the Nimrod by Shackleton, signed by Shackleton with a particularly fine signature, on a large printed form as required by HM Customs and the Board of Trade, filled out with the details of Nimrod, Steam-Ship, 50 tons, her dimensions, and recording her sale by Shackleton for £2,200 to Captain Rowland Valentine Webster, tea and rubber planter of Colombo, witnessed by Arthur Clifton, shipbroker, 390 x 50mm., 83 Gracechurch Street, 11 May, 1911


  • SHACKLETON SELLS NIMROD. The British Imperial Antarctic Expedition "Nimrod Expedition", of 1907-1909, was the first under Shackleton's leadership. On returning to England in the summer of 1909 Shackleton fitted Nimrod out "as a floating exhibition of expedition relics. From entrance fees, he made the substantial sum of £2000. Every penny, as The Times approvingly reported, he gave away to charity" (Roland Huntford, Shackleton, 1985). In 1911 it was sold to Rowland Webster, a successful tea trader (owner of the "Webster Automatic Packing Factory" at Colombo), who had served as a captain during the Boer War, and made several round the world voyages.
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