MARKHAM (CLEMENTS) Autograph manuscript titled "Robert Falcon Scott", 2pp., in ink, folio, [undated]
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MARKHAM (CLEMENTS) Autograph manuscript titled "Robert Falcon Scott", 2pp., in ink, folio, [undated]
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Autograph manuscript titled "Robert Falcon Scott", 2 pages., in ink, folio, [c.1905]


  • CLEMENTS MARKHAM ON SCOTT. A summary detailing the early stages of Captain Scott's career, his appointment to lead the Discovery Expedition, and the many successes attributable to Scott, achieved by the expedition. Scott dedicated The Voyage of the 'Discovery'" to Markham, calling him "The father of the expedition and its most constant friend". Markham was the progenitor of the Discovery Expedition, and instrumental in Scott being selected as its leader, and notes that "he at once took charge of the work of preparation, and the whole organisation of the expedition was in his hands until the "Discovery" sailed in August 1901", outlining the sponsors' requirements as to exploration and scientific researches remarking that "Captain Scott fulfilled these instructions to the letter, and did far more than was expected from him". Of the Southern Journey he writes that it was "...taking everything into consideration, the most remarkable on record", summarising the whole expedition as "quite unequalled by any former expedition, Arctic or Antarctic".
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