WILKINS (GEORGE H.) Series of 8 autograph letters signed, 1921-1922
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WILKINS (GEORGE H.) Series of 8 autograph letters signed, 1921-1922
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Series of 8 autograph letters signed ("George"), addressed to his mother, the first written from off Gravesend following departure ("Mr. Mason the photographer is not a good sailor + has been seasick most of the day"), others from Lisbon ("I am doing some of the photography + helping on the ship"), Cape Verde Islands, three from South Georgia, on both the way out (Wilkins having been sent ahead to do shore work while the Quest was being repaired) and the way back ("We are back again from the Antarctic all safe and sound and although we were held firmly by the ice for seven days, a favourable wind blew us towards the open water and the ship got free"), Gough Island ("No mail has ever been sent from here before + may never be sent again... it is perhaps the most isolated island in the world"), and Cape Town (discussing ideas for developing "a scheme for meteorological investigation in the Antarctic... it would involve an outlay of 2 million pounds at least...", and plans for a small Antarctic expedition of his own), 39 pages, on notepaper headed 'Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition/Geo. H. Wilkins, Naturalist', 8vo, September 1921-June 1922


  • A fine series of letters from Shackleton's Australian naturalist (and photographer) on board the Quest, after whom Wilkins Sound and the Wilkins Ice Shelf in Antarctica are named. From Cape Verde Wilkins writes scathingly about Shackleton ("I am not very much impressed with Sir Ernest Leadership [sic]. He is far less competent than Stefansson... he cares only for newspaper notices"). From South Georgia he includes news of his death and the effect it will have on the expedition ("although we will feel the loss of Sir Ernest Shackleton very much, we may under the command of Frank Wild who is a fine man indeed do good work").
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