STONE (BERNARD, Leading Stoker R.N.), S.Y. Terra Nova, Antarctica, 24 Jan 1913
Lot 187
STONE (BERNARD, Leading Stoker R.N.), S.Y. Terra Nova, Antarctica, 24 Jan 1913
£2,000 - 4,000
US$ 3,400 - 6,700
Lot Details
STONE (BERNARD, Leading Stoker R.N.)
Autograph letter signed ("Born Antractic Explorer 'I don't think'"), to his cousin Herbert Petley of Buckland, Dover, describing his experience of Antarctic life, 4 pages on Terra Nova headed paper, 8vo, with envelope with New Zealand 1d overstamped 'Victoria Land' and with BAE frank dated 18 January, S.Y. Terra Nova, Antarctica, 24 January 1913


  • THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE DEATH OF SCOTT BY A MEMBER OF THE CREW. Written after leaving McMurdo Sound en route for Lyttleton. "I suppose you have read the news of the loss of all the southern party. It was very hard lines to succeed so far only to die 11 miles from safety but of course men cannot control the weather if we could we should have a better time down this stamp as they are very scarce & makes a good curio". Written in the knowledge that the letter would be received after the news of Scott's death had reached London by wire-- the outside world first hearing the news from Oamaru, New Zealand, on 10 February 1913.

Saleroom notices

  • Please note that this letter is signed "Bern..." not "Born", as stated in the catalogue.
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