SCRAPBOOK A scrapbook assembled in the years after 1912 by Miss Joyce Collins
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SCRAPBOOK A scrapbook assembled in the years after 1912 by Miss Joyce Collins
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A scrapbook assembled in the years after 1912 by Miss Joyce Collins, comprising a large number of contemporary cuttings (commencing February 1913), principally relating to Scott and his companions, interspersed with letters, printed ephemera and a few photographs (see below), pasted in a blue cloth album, small 4to (228 x 180mm.), 1912 and later


  • In 1913 the compiler Joyce Collins was a pupil at Dr. Elizabeth Dawes' School (Weybridge). The album is interesting evidence the influence which the story of Scott and his companions had on many school children of the generation of 1912 and through the 1920s, as well as the indefatigable zeal of Joyce Collins.

    The inserted or loose items include: letter to Dr. Dawes signed by pupils (including Joyce Collins) who had contributed to the Penny Antarctic Memorial Fund sponsored by the "Express"; a printed invitation to meet Commander Evans at Weybridge; photograph of Bernard Day with the motor sledges (UK or New Zealand) and with cut signature of Day pasted below; photograph by Day of Emperor penguins, the gift of Miss. Priestley; Signature of Raymond Priestley on British Antarctic Expedition 1910 paper, and with cut signature of Eric Marshall pasted on; typed letter signed from Edward Evans to Joyce Collins, regretting his being unable to lecture at her school, Canadian Pacific Railway, Travelling East, 1 May, 1914; autograph letter signed from Evans to "Dear Joyce", thanking her for a "snug little helmet", and promising a photograph of himself in uniform, Stokes Bay, 21 October, 1914; another similar; autograph letter signed from L.C. Bernacchi to Joyce Collins with a full-page autograph enclosure, 17 July, 1913; leaf signed by G. Murray Levick "British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913"; "Training the Ponies, Quail island. New Zealand" (2 photographs); Adelie Penguins (2 photographs); " The Nimrod. Held up by the pack", photograph; "Mr. [James] Murray", photograph; photograph of Frank Wild by a Tewkesbury photographer (home town of Raymond Priestley); "Scott Expedition 1910-13 The dogs" (2 photographs); "Near the Hut. Cape Evans", photograph showing the chaos of discarded boxes etc; "Moraine near C. Royds", photograph; cut signature of Charles Wright; manuscript of a poem "The Men of the South Pole", by Frank Ellis, 3 pages; tickets for various lectures by Evans; printed brochures for Evans' lecture (Queen's Hall London, 4 June [1913], Winston Churchill presiding, and an adapted version of the same for the lecture as given at Borough Hall, Guildford on 19 January, [1914], each 4 pages; postcard with autograph note signed by Thomas Griffith Taylor, one side comprising a printed sketch map of Antarctica with names added in manuscript and "Greetings from Griffith Taylor" (printed), the verso with a note explaining that the map was drawn on the bed in the hotel in New Zealand and then "printed to take South"and "branded [franked?] in the shadow of Erebus in March 1912, short tear repaired, postmarked (no stamp) 'British Antarctic Expedition' and dated 3 M[arc]h, [19]12.
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