DAVIS (JOHN EDWARD) 'Coulman Island' showing Erebus and Terror, watercolour, 1843
Lot 17
DAVIS (JOHN EDWARD) 'Coulman Island' showing Erebus and Terror, watercolour, 1843
Sold for £10,000 (US$ 16,798) inc. premium
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'Coulman Island' showing Erebus and Terror, watercolour, image 220 x 290mm., signed on the image 'J.E. Davis, 1843'


  • John Edward David (1815-1877) was the artist to John Clark Ross's expediton, providing the illustrations for A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions (this to face p.199 in vol. 1). On 17 January 1841 Coulman Island was named for the father of Ross's fiancée, Thomas Coulman of Whitgift Hall, Goole. Earlier in the day Ross had named the southern point, of what now proved to be an island, Cape Anne, for Anne Coulman whose birthday it was. The northern point was duly named Cape Wadworth as a compliment to Anne's uncle, John Coulman of Wadworth Hall, Doncaster.

Saleroom notices

  • Please note that the footnote should read 'James' Clark Ross, not 'John' as stated in the catalogue.
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