PONTING (HERBERT G.) "Cavern in an Iceberg", fine carbon print, [c.1912]
Lot 162
PONTING (HERBERT G.) "Cavern in an Iceberg", fine carbon print, [c.1912]
Sold for £11,250 (US$ 18,897) inc. premium
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"Grotto in an Iceberg", hand-finished green carbon print with Terra Nova in the distance, captioned and signed by Ponting on the mount in pencil, image 450 x 320mm., [c.1912]


  • A fine copy of one of Ponting's most iconic images. "This unique study was made from the heart of an iceberg. The grotto was formed by a berg as it turned over, carrying a large floe up with it, which froze onto it, leaving this beautiful cavern, through which it was possible to walk for over one hundred feet. By good fortune, at the time the artist reached this spot, the Terra Nova could be seen in the distance. An hour later the berg had swing in a different direction on the rock on which it had grounded". No. 118 Fine Art Society Exhibition catalogue. See frontispiece (page 4).
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