PONTING (HERBERT GEORGE) "Southern Party," April 1911
Lot 159
PONTING (HERBERT GEORGE) "Return of 1st Party to Winter Quarters from Hut Point, April 1911"
Sold for £2,750 (US$ 4,622) inc. premium
Lot Details
"Return of 1st Party to Winter Quarters from Hut Point, April 1911", gelatin silver print, captioned on the mount by Apsley Cherry-Garrard, 120 x 165mm., April 1911


  • Cherry Garrard identifies the members of the Southern Party (Taylor, Wright, Lieut. Evans, Bowers, Scott, Debenham, Gran, Seaman Evans and Crean) and entitles the photograph "A group portrait of the return of the first Polar Party to Winter Quarters from Hut Point." No. 101 in the Fine Art Society catalogue. See illustration on preceding page.

    Provenance: Emily Bowers (mother); Edith Bowers (sister); Mr. Angus McMillan of Paisley, and thence by descent.
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