PONTING (HERBERT G.) 3 vol. associated with Ponting's film, a presentation inscr. from Kathleen Scott, and a vintage print by Bowers at the South Pole (3)
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PONTING (HERBERT G.) 3 vol. associated with Ponting's film, a presentation inscr. from Kathleen Scott, and a vintage print by Bowers at the South Pole (3)
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Three volumes associated with Fred Gent, general manager of the Gaumont agency in Sydney NSW, the screening of Ponting's footage in the presence of Kathleen Scott, and several vintage photographs: The Voyages of Captain Scott, flyeaf boldly inscribed in pencil 'Mr. Gent from Lady Scott 1916', frontispiece portrait, illustrations, a portrait of Scott in sledging dress (shading his eyes) inserted before the half title, Smith, Elder, 1914--Scott's Last Expediton, 2 vol., Macmillan's Empire Library edition, both volumes inscribed 'Fred Gent Sydney NSW' on the flyleaf, many items inserted (see footnote), illustrations, Macmillan & Co., 1913, publisher's cloth, split in joints of the second named, 8vo (3), sold as association copies


  • Gaumont bought the rights to Ponting's films of Scott's expedition and screened their edit of them, until Ponting purchased the rights for himself.

    The inserted material in Scott's Last Expedition includes: cutting from the Australian Kinematograph Journal for 23 March 1913, mentioning Fred Gent and the screening of the films before Lady Scott and members of the expedition; photograph of Terra Nova off Cape of Good Hope; a series on postcards of Ponting's photographs, courtesy of the Fine Art Society; stills from a cut-up copy of the brochure for The Great White Silence; 3 photographic images of models ("Birds eye" Sketch made of Cape Evans and Mount Erebus, this was made for inclusion in the film of Scott's expedition), the others to illustrate the Beardmore Glacier and an aerial view showing the Terra Nova at anchor in relation to Mt. Erebus (loose); PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN BY LT.BOWERS SHOWING AMUNDSEN'S TENT AT THE SOUTH POLE, surrounded by Scott, Wilson, Oates and Evans; small photograph captioned on the verso 'Pony Camp with Snow Barrier to protect them from the weather Neg by Lt. Bowers' and also inscribed 'B25'; photograph of Tent discovered by the search party, taken by Trygge Gran; photograph of tugs accompanying Terra Nova out of Lyttleton on 26 November 1910; 3 photographs of gulls and penguins, one with caption identifying Frank Debenham as the photographer, and a further view likely to have been taken by him; a few inches of 35m. film (8 frames of a still showing the polar party, 10 moving frames of a small two-funnelled warship dressed overall), loosely inserted.
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