PONTING (HERBERT) A collection of 22 images from the Terra Nova expedition
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PONTING (HERBERT GEORGE) A collection of 22 images from the Terra Nova expedition
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A collection of 22 images from the Terra Nova expedition, vintage gelatin silver prints, loosely tipped onto black album leaves, several signed on the verso by Ponting or captioned by him on the leaf in pencil, most images 95 x 115mm., sizes varying between 120 x 95mm. and 210 x 150mm., 1910-1912


  • The images comprise: Ponting cinematographing Terra Nova's bow forcing aside the floes, December 1910; Christmas Eve in the pack, December 1910; Skua gull feeding chick, January 1911; "Death of an iceberg" [with Terra Nova in the distance], January 1911; West from Barne Glacier to Cape Barne, captioned "The Midnight Sun in McMurdo Sound", February 1911; Rennick and Drake make friendly advances to Adelie penguins, February 1911; Captain Oates with ponies in the stables, May 1911; Telephoto of smoke from Mt. Erebus, September 1911; Captain Scott with Erebus in the background (on a sheet with the pencilled caption at head "With Captain Scott in the Antarctic"; 'Castle Berg' captioned "A huge Ice Bastion near the Winter Quarters", probably September 1911; Herbert Ponting in the penguinery, Cape Royds, November 1911; Adelie penguin: attitude study (2, captioned in Great White South as the 'stony stare' and the 'glad eye'), November 1911; Pair of Adelie penguins captioned "Mated" (2 copies); Husky Osman; Husky Tresor; H.G. Ponting and Cinematograph; Weddell seals basking on the floes at Cape Evans; Herbert Ponting and photo go-cart with two dogs; Terra Nova in a gale, March 1912.

    The vendor's great uncle was involved with Ponting and his lectures.
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