TERRA NOVA An electroplated silver six slice toast rack
Lot 127
TERRA NOVA An electroplated silver six slice toast rack
Sold for £4,375 (US$ 7,349) inc. premium
Lot Details
An electroplated silver six slice toast rack, with two small expedition emblems on upper side of base, and maker's marks for Walker & Hall underneath
(stamped with 'W&H' trademark pennant above the letter J, "Walker & Hall, Sheffield, England", "Warranted hard and silver soldered" and "53250/A1/49"), 150 x 175mm.


  • Provenance: Frederick. J. Hooper (1891-1955), steward and member of the Shore Party, and by descent.

    This and the following 9 lots are sold by descendants of Frederick J. Hooper (1891-1955), who joined Terra Nova as a steward but was transferred to the Shore Party. He was a member of Atkinson's search party, which discovered the bodies of Scott, Wilson and Bowers, and took part in the second ascent of Mount Erebus. He is commemorated in the Antarctic by Hooper's Shoulder (1,800 metres) on Mount Erebus 77º 32'S, 166º 53'E.
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