A rare tortoiseshell three-case inro 19th century
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A rare tortoiseshell three-case inro 19th century
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A rare tortoiseshell three-case inro
19th century
Of wide form, lacquered with the Yoro no Taki story, the woodsman seated, sleeping, flanked by bundles of brushwood, beneath an overhanging pine branch, the waterfall of Yoro shown on the reverse, in gold and silver takamakie with details of kirikane, unsigned; with a gold ojime pierced with a butterfly among kiku; and a tortoiseshell netsuke of gourd form, gold lacquered with informal kiri, unsigned.
7.3cm (2 7/8in).


  • 養老の滝図鼈甲螺鈿蒔絵印籠 無銘 19世紀

    Exhibited: Japanse Konst uit Nederlands, 1975.
    Published: Bulletin Franco-Japonais, no.10, p.36.
    Bulletin Franco-Japonais, no.25, p.13.

    The story of Yoro no Taki tells of a poor woodsman, Genjonai who, when collecting firewood, chanced upon a spring of golden water. He tasted it and found it to be high quality sake, so took some back to his elderly father, who also drank a little and felt years younger. Subsequently, the empress Gensho visited and drank from the water, with the same effect and named the waterfall Yoro no Taki ('Spring of Youth') which still exists in Gifu prefecture.
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