A Khorasan bronze Ewer Iran, 12th century
Lot 10
A group of three Bronze Ewers Persia, 12th Century and later(3)
£1,000 - 1,500
US$ 1,700 - 2,500
Auction Details
Lot Details
A group of three Bronze Ewers
Persia, 12th Century and later
each of bulbous form with long neck and handle, the first engraved and inlaid with copper with a band of palmette motifs, above and below a band of inscription in kufic, the shoulder and neck with further inscriptions; the second engraved to the rim with a band of inscription interspersed by circle motifs; the third with two bands of repeated panels containing vegetal interlace
the largest 36 cm. high(3)


  • The inscriptions include: al-'izz wa al-iqbal wa al-'a/fiya wa al-sa'ada wa /al-salama wa .... / wa al-'afiya wa al-'afiya ...., 'Glory and Prosperity and Health and Happiness and well-being and ... and Health and Health ....'
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