An Arkansas Quartz Grid Consisting of 28 Generators and 12 Mineral Spheres
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An Arkansas Quartz Grid Consisting of 28 Generators and 12 Mineral Spheres
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An Arkansas Quartz Grid Consisting of 28 Generators and 12 Mineral Spheres
An Arkansas Quartz Grid Consisting of 28 Generators and 12 Mineral Spheres
Ron Coleman Mines, Ouachita Mt region, Mt Ida, near Hot Springs, Montgomery County, Arkansas and also the Ural Mountains, Russia

Quartz, which is composed of silicon and oxygen, is common enough throughout the World, however most of it is not crystallized. Crystallization occurs when the silicon dioxide or silica is heated—the source of the heat typically originating from extremely hot water from underground sources, which fills open fissures to create quartz veins which then crystallize under extreme geologic pressure.

The renowned quartz deposits of Arkansas occurred during the last part of the formation of the Ouachita Mountains, about 280 to 245 million years ago. Arkansas is one of a small number of places in the world with enough quartz crystals to justify commercial mining and one of the few deposits producing world-class quartz crystals. The Ouachita Mountains that extend from Eastern Oklahoma to Central Arkansas are one of the most important sources of the mineral, producing splendid crystals for more than 150 years, equaled only by the deposits found in Brazil.

The applications of quartz in the scientific field are well known—crystals have to make oscillators for radios, computer chips, and clocks. Capable of steady vibrations, also called oscillations, quartz can be used to regulate the flow of electricity. Many people believe quartz contains metaphysical properties, and followers of the New Age movement look to crystals for their purported healing properties and as an aid to altered levels of consciousness.
Offered for the first time at auction is an entire crystal grid, laid out in the same configuration as designed by its owner. This exceedingly large group of fine quality crystals (with only two exceptions mentioned below) originates from the highly sought after locale of Hot Springs, Arkansas—considered the finest source of crystals for use in metaphysical work.

Included are 4 larger "generators", indicating the cardinal directions, each weighing in the neighborhood of 50 pounds. The North and the South generators are particularly fine crystals whose terminations possess 7-sided faces that assistin channeling. The East generator has a phantom inside the point.

Before the cardinal points are 4 smaller generators, and between them, the 4 intermediate generators indicating the ordinal points of Northwest, Southeast, Southwest and Northeast. An inner circle of 12 smaller crystals, weighing between 4 to 17 pounds each, are placed pointing inwards. Two smoky quartz crystals, originating from the Ural Mountains of Russia, weighing 52 and 60 pounds respectively, rest beneath the West generator. Beneath the East generator rests a large clear quartz generator of of over 50 pounds that has a self-healed base. The East/West horizontal generators move energy around the circumference of the grid circle as a boundry of light.

A total of 12 various mineral spheres are included. Placed before the four cardinal directions are four transparent crystal spheres carved of rock crystal quartz, amethyst quartz, natural citrine quartz and smoky quartz. An additional 8 opaque mineral spheres from various world localities bring their own influences to the grid: hematite, Brazil; chrysocolla, Peru; charoite, Ural Mountains, Russia; banded rhodochrosite, Argentina; rhodonite, Australia; labradorite, Madagascar; tiger iron matrix, Western Australia.
Crystal grids are more powerful than using a single crystal. They are made by the placement of stones in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a goal. The stones or crystals are then charged by the owner's intention and energy.

Grid forms based on theories of sacred geometry—they are in fact, three-dimensional mandalas. In Native American belief, the cardinal directions are linked to great Powers, or intelligent forces, whose energy can be harnessed. The directions can be charted on a circular map, the Medicine Wheel, which can enable one to come into alignment with these spiritual powers and absorb something of them.

A grid can be used for simple goals such as enhancing sleep quality to something more elaborate such as generating World Peace. The combinations of stones are endless, depending only on the owner's purpose for the grid. Whatever the goal, a crystal grid is an effective use of crystal energy when accompanied by clear intensions, and the present example contains a large quantity of crystals and spheres, lovingly selected for both their beauty and energy for work with the Light.
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