Very Large T. rex Tooth
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Recent T. rex Discovery – One of the Largest T. rex Teeth Ever Found
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Very Large T. rex Tooth Very Large T. rex Tooth Very Large T. rex Tooth
Lot Details
Recent T. rex Discovery – One of the Largest T. rex Teeth Ever Found
Tyrannosaurus rex
Garfield County, Montana

Excavated in late summer, 2011, in Garfield County, Montana, this exceptional T. rex tooth is one of the largest T. rex teeth ever discovered. Experts have noted the extraordinary size of the specimen, measuring 5 1/8 inches (linear measurement) from base to tip. The tooth is more massive than any of the teeth of the well-known T. rex, Stan and possibly larger than those of Sue, the famous T. rex residing in the Field Museum, Chicago.

The magnificent piece, fastidiously prepared by Black Hills Institute, is from the upper left portion of the mouth of a T. rex. It is the first or second maxillary tooth – the area in the T. rex's mouth with the largest teeth. The crown is extremely large. The tooth was found in such excellent condition that the only restoration needed was crack filling, which has been accomplished to museum quality perfection. The epoxy fill is pigmented so that black light shows the exact location of the restoration. This method maintains the integrity of this exceptional piece for scientific study while stabilizing the fossil and enhancing its aesthetic qualities, as well as increasing its monetary value.

Of all the carnivorous behemoths of the Age of Dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex has most captured the public's imagination. Dinosaur hunter, Barnum Brown (who was named after circus showman, P.T. Barnum) discovered the first T. rex specimen in Wyoming in 1900; he became one of the most famous fossil hunters of his time. From the late Victorian era, into the early 20th century, through today, T. rex's public image - perhaps reflecting the raw violence of T. rex itself – has been associated with fame and fortune dramatically won and lost, as well as wonderment at the superiority of this apex predator.
Measures 6.25 x 3 x 1.25in
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