CHESTERTON, GILBERT KEITH (1874-1936, novelist and journalist)
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CHESTERTON, GILBERT KEITH (1874-1936, novelist and journalist)
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CHESTERTON, GILBERT KEITH (1874-1936, novelist and journalist)


  • Coburn described in the introduction to Men of Mark, 1913, how he arrived at the near-deserted Westerham station and sat on his camera until he saw a cloud of dust in the distance, 'and as it approached out of it emerged, like the genie in the Arabian Nights, a large man in a suit of green knickerbockers who could be no other than the great G.K.C. himself'. While photographing him in a field under a tree to avoid carrying the camera up the hill to his house, Chesterton occupied himself writing an article on cabbages which Coburn delivered in London. George Bernard Shaw described this portrait of Chesterton when Coburn exhibited it in 1906 as capturing 'the young man mountain, a large, abounding, gigantically cherubic person who is not only large in body and mind beyond all decency, but seems to be growing larger as you look at him - "swellin' wisibly" as Tony Weller puts it.'

    Coburn personally supervised the creation of his photogravures on his own copper plate press.
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