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SCHIAVONETTI, LUIGI (1765–1810, printmaker)
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SCHIAVONETTI, LUIGI (1765–1810, printmaker)
THREE AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, two signed ('L. Schiavonetti' and 'L. & N. Schiavonetti') and one written in the third person, to Cadell and Davies, Du Boveray and unnamed 'Gentlemen', suggesting to Cadell and Davies that Wright's portrait of Lord Grey be executed in the same manner as the engraving that he (Schiavonetti) had made of William Blake (after Thomas Phillips' portrait) for Cromek's edition of The Grave ('...I wish to know whether it would make any material difference was I to execute it in a free line manner similar to Blake's Portrait for Mr Cromek which having met approbation lead me to presume would be more acceptable to your Subscribers and to the Public; and therefore, I think, no blame would be attached to you for giving it in a manner generally reckoned superior to any other...') and stating that he would charge no more because it would give him pleasure to do it in this style; explaining to Du Boveray that more work is needed on his drawing before he can engrave it for thirty guineas; and apologising for the delay in settling the unnamed recipients' account on the grounds that the 'depression (not to say annihilation) of the print trade has been the only cause having deprived us of those resourses (sic) from the Continent from where we derived our principal support...', 5 pages, quarto, two integral address leaves, postal markings, Brompton, 1803-1810
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