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PALMER, SAMUEL (1805-1881, visionary painter and etcher, friend of William Blake)
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PALMER, SAMUEL (1805-1881, visionary painter and etcher, friend of William Blake)


  • 'THE OLD ENGLISH SPRINGS ARE GONE YEARS AGO', a fine exercise in Palmerian nostalgia. 'Mrs George was an old lady virtuoso (very big; and, long ago, very beautiful), who lived, chiefly, on the memories of a strenuous and gay eighteenth-century youth. With the mid-19th century, her house in Mill Street, Conduit Street, London, had little to do. To be sure, she had sometimes driven a Four-in-hand; but in [1874] she was (with "Old Tub", her maid), a recluse. She lived in the midst of treasures. All were old; and mostly were genuine. Many were beautiful and rare. She was enthusiastic in following a half forgotten rage for taking any given book apart, and reconstructing it with portraits and other illustrations (Grangerizing). It was in this work that Palmer's elder son [Thomas] helped her. When he died [in 1861], and the father was stricken down, she came forth from her close seclusion. Thenceforth she devoted herself to practical sympathy, in which no trouble was too great' (Note by A.H. Palmer in Catalogue , 1926; quoted by Lister).

    This letter is apparently unpublished; not in The Letters, edited by Raymond Lister.
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