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SAND, GEORGE (1804-1876, French writer, lover of Chopin)
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SAND, GEORGE (1804-1876, French writer, lover of Chopin)


  • L'Eclaireur de l'Indre, a local republican and therefore an opposition newspaper, was founded in 1844 by Charles Duvernet, Alphonse Fleury and Alexis Duteil with George Sand's help. Ideologically and personally, George Sand supported it, both for its liberal and humanitarian views and because she had arranged for her sometime lover Victor Borie to be its editor. She hoped that it could be turned into a vehicle for the propagation of Pierre Leroux's communistic philosophy -- she said of herself at this time that 'George Sand is no more than a pale reflection of Pierre Leroux.' In the present letter, punctuated with brilliant statements of her personal philosophy and political attitudes and expressed with a measured sense of affrontery coupled with sympathy for the cynically used official and some degree of high-minded equanimity, George Sand defends herself against the accusation of a personal involvement in the friction between the newspaper's journalists and the conservative governing body of the Indre region of central France. In 1848 she was seen as the literary spokesperson of the Revolution (Curtis Cate, George Sand, 1975).
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