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HUGHES, TED (1930-1998, poet, O.M.)
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HUGHES, TED (1930-1998, poet, O.M.)
AUTOGRAPH DRAFT ABOUT A PAPER SIGNED BY POETS IN SUPPORT OF JANNIS RITSOS imprisoned in Greece in 1966, in which Octavio Paz, Pablo Neruda, John Berryman, Ted Hughes, Allen Ginsberg, William Empson, Yehuda Amichai, Hugh MacDiarmid and others joined as signatories to condemn any violation of his personal liberties and call on the new Greek regime to release Ritsos and other poets; Ted Hughes explains that this took place at the 1966 International London Poetry Festival ('...That was the first summer of Flower Power, when the American Beat Poets & Singers, & the music of the Beatles, seemed to be changing the world...'); the signatures were collected and Hughes sent a copy to The Times asking them to publish it but The Times replied that it felt it had already done enough about Ritsos's predicament so he retained the original ('...These poets had never been together before, & were never together again'), 1 page, folio, with numerous autograph deletions and revisions, written on the recto of a photocopy of a Gaelic poem 'Is E Crioch Araidh', no date
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