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HUGHES, TED (1930-1998, poet, O.M.)
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HUGHES, TED (1930-1998, poet, O.M.)
THE WORKING PAPERS FOR HIS ESSAY ABOUT POETS READING THEIR OWN POEMS, later published under the title 'Inner Music' in Winter Pollen, comprising the heavily revised autograph drafts (24 pages, folio), a revised typescript (3 pages, folio) and two unrevised typescripts (one incomplete, the other a photocopy), in all 33 pages, folio


  • Ted Hughes first heard the recording of de la Mare referred to in this essay at Roy Davids's flat in Gloucester Terrace, London, in January 1981, in the company of Seamus and Marie Heaney and Carol Hughes.

    The autograph manuscripts in this group contain several interesting passages that did not survive to the final version, including discussions of the reading of their own poetry by T.S. Eliot ('...The supreme example of this internal style of verse Eliot's. How can any other voice, I wonder, communicate those poems, once we have heard Eliot's? This is the thing itself, surely all that other voice can do, with these texts, is give an interpretation...'); also about readings by Dylan Thomas, Charles Tomlinson and D.J. Enright.
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