Blue Zircon
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Blue Zircon
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Natural History New York
17 May 2011 13:00 EDT

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Blue Zircon
Possessing both a high refractive index and high dispersion, zircon is one of the few gems capable of rivaling diamond for brilliance and fire. As the birthstone for December, this classic cushion-shaped gem displays a vivid blue of the most desirable nature that is surpassed only by its excellent transparency and luster. Long before scientists manufactured the first cubic zirconia gemstones, nature had already produced its own version—zircon, notable for its double-refraction. Only a few other gem materials equal the dispersive "fire" of zircon, diamond being one of them. In most zircons, the fire is often masked by a dark body color. That is not the case with this wearable and collectible stone—an oval cushion-cut blue zircon that displays excellent transparency and luster.
Weighing approximately 11.0 carats and measuring 12.0 x 10.1 x 8.0mm.
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