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Lot 95
Cameras and equipment
Sold for £102 (US$ 171) inc. premium
Auction Details
Lot Details
Cameras and equipment
The cameras comprising of an Ensign Ranger Special with a Rosstar f4.5/105mm lens in an Epsilon shutter with maker's case, a Minolta SR-1 single lens reflex with a Rokkor f1.8/55mm lens, a Petri GX-1 SLR with a 50mm/f2 lens and maker's case, a Petri 135mm/f3.5 lens, a Kodak Six-20 Junior with maker's case, a Polaroid Colorpack 80, a Meikai with an f6.3/50mm lens, a Canon Sure Shot AF-7, a PN 919 camera, a Dekko 9.5mm bakelite cine camera with case, instructions and two films, a Bolex B8 standard 8mm cine camera with turret mounted Xenon f1.5/19mm and Xenar f2.8/35mm lenses, in maker's case with instructions and sundries, a Zeiss Ikon Movielux 8A cine projector with instructions and maker's carrying case, a Muray Portay 8 editor and Noris 500 35mm slide projector.
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