1904 Cadillac Model A Delivery Van
Lot 450
1904 Cadillac Model A 6 1/2hp Two-seater/Delivery Van Engine no. 1240
£60,000 - 80,000
US$ 100,000 - 130,000
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1904 Cadillac Model A 6 1/2hp Two-seater/Delivery Van
Engine no. 1240


  • For a history of the early days of Cadillac please refer to the 1904 Cadillac offered as the previous lot in this sale.

    By 1904 the internal combustion engine had developed some maturity and offered reliable transport, given proper maintenance. Slowly horse-drawn vehicles disappeared from American city avenues and last to go were those plying commercial trade. Cadillac were however amongst the first to recognise the potential of the motor vehicle for commercial use and offered the Model A Delivery Van as a production model. This example of a Cadillac Model A Delivery Van has coachwork built by a renowned American Cadillac specialist, replicating as closely as possible Cadillac's original offering. The van body can readily be removed should an owner wish to run the vehicle as a two-seater motor car.

    This striking vehicle, presented in maroon livery with black mouldings and red coachlining is well equipped with a Phare Solar Model 66, centre-mounted, acetylene headlamp and Dietz oil side lamps. The deep-buttoned black leather upholstery offers driver comfort and the overhead canopy gives a little shelter from inclement weather. The chassis is very smartly red liveried and engine detail is good reflecting recent restoration. This vehicle is eye-catching wherever it goes and would, we feel, be a welcome participant in the HCVS London to Brighton Run. In two-seater car form it would be a welcome runner on the prestigious London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. The engine number 1240 suggests a date of manufacture of 1903, although a patent plate attached to the engine quotes a date of August 1904. We feel that this patent plate may be a later addition.

    While in the Meldonfoot Collection and since restoration this spectacular vehicle has seen minimal use and will respond well to the fine tuning and adjustments that come only from active use. At the time of cataloguing this vehicle was not U.K. registered.
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