A Saotome-school sixty-two plate russet-iron suji kabuto By Saotome Ietada, Edo period (18th century)
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A Saotome-school suji kabuto By Saotome Ietada, 18th century
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A SAOTOME-SCHOOL RUSSET-IRON SUJI KABUTO  By Saotome Ietada, Edo period, 18th century
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A Saotome-school suji kabuto
By Saotome Ietada, 18th century
The bowl designed with even sides gently sloping toward the crown and constructed of sixty-two narrow vertical plates with standing rear ridges finished in a fine russet patina, mounted with the original gilt-copper fittings, including a shakudo tehen kanamono carved as a floret pierced on the bottom stage with inoshishime, the mabizashi attached with three chrysanthemum rivets and applied with stenciled doe skin and a shakudo tate dai, signed on the interior of the bowl Saotome Ietada, the bowl mounted with a five-lame lacquered-iron shikoro with fukigaeshi decorated with stenciled doe skin and orange and white lacing


  • This style of helmet, quality of metal fittings and stenciled leather is consistent with armors owned by upper level samurai. The style of the metal fittings is consistent with quality armor produced during the 18th century. The liner appears to be original to the helmet and it has a special opening in the back which allows the signature to be inspected. The signature is bold, sharp and confident and consistent with other known examples of the smith's signature. The shape of the bowl is a typical Saotome school profile.
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