Early Kakiemon bottle
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A rare and important porcelain bottle Arita ware, Kakiemon type, circa 1660
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Early Kakiemon bottle Early Kakiemon bottle
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A rare and important porcelain bottle
Arita ware, Kakiemon type, circa 1660
The square sided bottle with rounded shoulders and a bulbous, flaring spout set on a tall neck, each of the sides molded in relief with a shaped panel containing pine, bamboo and plum, the "Three Friends of Winter", the shoulders with a rhombus-shaped panel of blossoming plum, painted in green and white enamels, the surrounding areas with chrysanthemum blossoms punctuated by double circles, all covered in a green glaze, the edges and the mouth finished in a creamy white glaze, recessed base
10 1/8in (25.7cm) high


  • 有田焼 古柿右衛門 徳利 17世紀後期

    For a nearly identical bottle see Hayashi Seizo, Kakiemon, vol. 9 of Nihon no toji (Tokyo: Chuo Koransha, 1974), pl. 63.

    This bottle appears to be early example of the group of enameled porcelain wares that came to be know as Kakiemon. The shape may have been inspired by glass bottles that were imported into Japan by Dutch traders. The shoulders and unique shape of the mouth, however are unlike other contemporary examples of square-sided bottles. According to Hayashi, in the above cited text, this bottle is extremely rare and is thought to have been produced prior to the Kanbun period (1661-1673).
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