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Flown on Apollo 10, a large United States flag, silk, 11 x 18 inches. Inscribed along the lowest white bar and signed: "Flown to the moon on Apollo X, Tom Stafford."

WITH THOMAS P. STAFFORD'S signed provenance letter, reading: "Accompanying this letter is one of the largest United States flags ever taken to the moon. I carried this flag on the flight of Apollo X during May 18 to 26, 1969. I was commander of this mission with John Young serving as Command Module Pilot and Gene Cernan as Lunar Module Pilot. Apollo X was a 'dress rehearsal' for the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission that occurred just two months later during July 1969. Apollo X proved that all the lunar landing flight techniques were actually possible to achieve as our flight and mission profile were identical to those for Apollo 11, minus the actual lunar landing. Our lunar module, code name 'Snoopy,' approached to within 50,000 feet of the lunar surface before Gene and I separated from the descent stage and used 'Snoopy's' ascent stage to return to John in the command module named 'Charlie Brown.' We then used 'Charlie Brown's' large rocket engine to put us on a trajectory to return home. During our flight home, we reached a speed of some 24,791 nautical miles per hour or the equivalent of 28,547 statute miles per hour. No other Apollo crew matched or exceeded this speed, therefore John, Gene, and I have traveled faster than any other human. And of course no other flag carried on any other space mission has matched or exceeded the speed attained by this flag during the flight of Apollo X."
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