Four Doccia plates with topographical views, circa 1780-1800
Lot 29
Four Doccia topographical plates, circa 1780-1800
£3,000 - 5,000
US$ 5,000 - 8,400
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Four Doccia plates with topographical views  ref 218785/1
Lot Details
Four Doccia topographical plates, circa 1780-1800
Decorated with circular cartouches enclosing titled Parisian landscapes under a gilt dot ova tagliate or 'cut-eggs' border, the blue rim set with three moulded cartouches enclosing landscape scenes, alternated by gilt shell and scrollwork strapwork, including the following titled views: Palais Royal, Partie du Lac Agnano, Molo, Partie des Champs Elysées, all on a smalto allo stagno or tin-glazed base, 24.3cm diam. (4)


  • Provenance:
    An Italian private collection

    These Doccia landscape views bind together the traditions of neo-classical landscape scenes and the rim decorations seen on Sèvres porcelain. The landscape scenes are reminiscent of Neapolitan scenes produced under Venuti, based on the Voyage Pittoresque ou Description des Royaumes de Naples e de Sicile by Abbot de Saint Non. The Lac d'Agnano, or Lago d'Agnano was also painted famously by Pietro Fabris, and all views became famous in picture and print when visited by William Hamilton and many other travellers on their Grand Tour. Another plate of this type with a moulded border and French pastoral scenes in the style of Giovan Battista Fanciullacci, see Biancalana 2009, p.166. Biancalana notes that, between 1780 and 1788, a new typology, con centina all'uso di Francia dipinto con roselline sparse, profili, e bordo porpora rosso dentellato, [The border in the French style with scattered roses, profiles, and purple red dentil edge] and con centina come sopra, dipinto con fascia blù con profilo d'oro dentellato bordo d'oro, e roselline sparse.[with border as above, painted with blue band and a moulded edge, picked out in gold, and scattered roses].
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