A Faenze albarello, second half 16th century, rim chips
Lot 15
A Faenza albarello with the mark of Enea Utili, circa 1550-70
£3,000 - 5,000
US$ 5,000 - 8,400
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Lot Details
A Faenza albarello with the mark of Enea Utili, circa 1550-70
Of sharply waisted shape with an angular rim and base, brightly decorated with an oval panel of The Crucifixion set against a yellow ground within a formal frame, the reverse with bold scrolling foliage in yellow and orange on a dark blue ground, formal leaf and chain bands at the neck and base, 28.8cm high, marked ANE.V. (cracks and chips)


  • Four albarelli marked for Enea Utili are discussed by Thornton and Wilson 2009, pp 158-160 in relation to a pair of armorial albarelli in the British Museum, fig. 103. Enea is recorded as owning his own workshop in Faenza from 1542. His son, Baldassare, is thought to have used Enea's mark into the last quarter of the 16th century. The mark is very similar to that of the Calamari workshop and it is likely the two workshops were related. An albarello of similar shape with a panel of the Crucifixion, bearing the mark of Virgiliotto Calamelli, is in the Sèvres Museum; see Giacomotti 1974, p. 317, fig 968.
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