A rare Vauxhall stoneware commemorative mug
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A rare Vauxhall stoneware commemorative mug, dated 1729
Sold for £6,240 (US$ 10,507) inc. premium
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A rare Vauxhall stoneware commemorative mug, dated 1729
Of type A, the generous-sized cylindrical mug with a grooved handle, the upper portion with a brown dip glaze, applied with a rectangular relief panel moulded with portraits of George II and Queen Caroline, titled GR and CR, flanked by Beefeaters, trees and rosettes, inscribed around the rim 'God preserve the King & Queen for ever 1729', the front also inscribed with the names 'Jno & Mary Potter', around the base a clockwise hare hunt with a huntsman blowing a horn and the hounds decorated with black spots, 20.9cm high (chips and losses to reliefs)


  • Illustrated by Wynn Hamilton-Foyn, Dated Hunting Mugs, ECC Transactions, vol. 17, pt. 2 (2000), p.254. Ceramic commemoratives of George II and Queen Caroline together are of the utmost rarity: Most London hunting mugs with portraits of the monarch seem to be for Queen Anne (1702-14), even after her death, while it is rare to find mugs with George II (1727-60), especially with his consort. Queen Caroline of Ansbach was a forceful figure in her own right and in 1728 a Regency Act was passed appointing her regent while George II was in Hannover, instead of their eldest son. A satirical verse at the time remarked
    "You may strut, dapper George, but 'twill all be in vain,
    We all know 'tis Queen Caroline, not you, that reign".
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