Important 1930s literature on television: mostly German,
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Important 1930s literature on television: mostly German,
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Important 1930s literature on television:
mostly German,
E. P. Leigh-Bennett - A City of Sound, 1933, 49pp, with all plates at the back, published by the Marconiphone Company Limited, London, detailing the Hayes works and the machinary within and shots of the workers preparing parts from raw materials, baige cloth boards; Maj. B. Schöffler - Die Phototelegraphie und das Elektrische Fernsehen mit einer Figurentafel, 1898, 21pp, very rare example where the pages have not been cut open, with all plates including the back pull-out showing full 'televisor' layout, pale blue paperback; K. Lipfert - Das Fernsehen, 1938, 115pp. with all plates including the three original inserts, cream cloth boards with the dustjacket with illustrations of mirror-lid televisions; H. Günther - Das Grosse Fernsehbuch, 1938, 192pp. with all plates, brown cloth boards with the dustjacket; F. Schröter - Fernsehen, 1937, 260pp. with all plates, black cloth boards, lacking dustjacket; a later publication of F. Kerkhof and Ir. W. Werner - Fernsehen, 1951, 466pp. with all plates, dark blue cloth boards, with dustjacket, all in very good-excellent condition. (6)
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