Britains early figures 43
Lot 1008
Britains early figures 43
Sold for £325 (US$ 546) inc. premium
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Britains early figures 43 Britains early figures 43
Lot Details
Britains early figures
from set 12, officer of 11th Hussars with throat plume, and two troopers dated 12.2.1903, two Middlesex Yeomanry dated 12.2.1903, from set 19, West India Regiment, RARE bemedalled officer on foot and nine men with oval bases, a Japanese Infantryman, five Rifle Brigade at the slope, box packs, oval bases, Royal Horse Artillery officer, mounted gunner and two team horses with valise packs, three Middlesex Regiment at the slope with box packs, a running Royal Navy petty officer, from set 16, Buffs, six on guard, bugler and wasp-waisted officer, and from set 17B eight small size Lancashire Fusiliers (G, a few F, ten damaged, Fusiliers repainted) (43)
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