A Victorian portrait miniature bracelet, circa 1840
Lot 139
A Victorian portrait miniature bracelet, circa 1840
Sold for £3,125 (US$ 5,252) inc. premium
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Lot Details
A Victorian portrait miniature bracelet, circa 1840
Set with a row of six oval portrait miniatures, five of which are by the circle of Edward Chalon, the sixth an English School example, all to frames decorated with scroll engraving, each hinged, the closed backs each with an engraved name, length 19cm


  • The names to the back of the portrait miniature bracelet, corresponding with the portraits from left to right are;

    'Mary Keith 1825' - daughter of Admiral Charles Fleming, Mary Keith Elphinstone married, firstly, Alexander Macalister of Torrisdale in 1843. They divorced in 1847. She married, secondly, Morgan Lloyd in 1848. She died in 1859.

    'Clementina 1822' - daughter of Admiral Charles Fleming, she grew up on the family estate, Cumbernauld House, near Glasgow. Clementina Elphinstone-Fleming married Cornwallis Maude, 4th Viscount Hawarden, 1st and last Earl de Montalt of Dundrum in 1845 when she became the Right Honourable The Viscountess Hawarden. They lived in London until 1857 when she moved with her husband to the family estate in Dundrum, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. It is thought that Viscountess Hawarden began to experiment with photography in 1857, taking photographs around the Dundrum estate. In 1859 the family moved back to London and she began to photograph her daughters, firstly making stereoscopic photographs, before moving to large-format, stand-alone portraits. She exhibited her work with the Photographic Society of London in 1863 and 1864, and was awarded the Society's silver medal in both years. Her work was admired by Lewis Carroll, also a keen photographer. She died on 19 January 1865 after contracting pneumonia. It has been suggested she was weakened by constant contact with photographic chemicals. A large collection of her work is found in the Victoria and Albert museum, London.

    'John 1819' - son of Admiral Charles Fleming, Lt.-Col. John Elphinstone-Fleming inherited the title of Lord Elphinstone in 1860 after the death of the childless 13th Lord Elphinstone, also called John. The 14th Lord Elphinstone was unmarried and died in 1861, the estate passing to his nephew Cornwallis Maude-Fleming, the son of his sister Clementina.

    'Carlota 1817' - first daughter of Admiral Charles Fleming, little is known of Carlota, other than she is listed in the records as Maria Carlota Catalina Micaela Martina.

    'Anne Elizabeth 1828' - daughter of Admiral Charles Fleming, Anne Elizabeth Elphinstone married William Cunninghame Bontine of Ardoch, in 1851. She died in 1925. Their son Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, born in 1852, became an extremely important figure in Scottish politics, holding a seat as a Liberal Party Member of Parliament, despite his socialist viewpoint, and was the first socialist Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom. In 1888 he founded the Scottish Labour Party, as well as going on to become a founder of the National Party of Scotland and the first president of the Scottish National Party in 1934. Graham was also instrumental in assisting Keir Hardie in establishing the Independent Labour Party.

    'Admiral Fleming 1774' - in 1816 Admiral Hon. Charles Elphinstone-Fleming married Donna (Lady) Catalina Paulina Alessandro, about whom little is known other than that she was from Cadiz, 26 years younger than her husband and regarded as an 'exotic beauty'. His name was legally changed to Charles Elphinstone-Fleming on inheriting the estates of the Earls of Wigton. His naval career was illustrious, and he was well known for his part in the Venezuelan and Colombian wars of liberation and the Napoleonic Wars. He is also known for his political pursuits as he was elected the Member of Parliament for Stirlingshire in 1802 and became Governor of Greenwich Hospital in the 1830s. He died on 30 October 1840.

    Provenance: By descent
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