CARTIER: A  framed collage of fifty jewellery designs,
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CARTIER: A framed collage of fifty jewellery designs,
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CARTIER: A framed collage of fifty jewellery designs,
the drawings in pencil and gouache on beige paper, the pendants and clasps including Egyptian, Art Deco and Chinese designs, in white, black, green, red and purple, each cut out and arranged in collage form within a modern frame, height of frame 54cm.


  • Dennis Gardner joined Cartier in London as a designer straight after the Second World War and was employed there for over 40 years. The following five lots were given to him during his time there.
    Dennis recalls in 'Cartier 1900-1939' "...making three designs for each special order, one as the customer required, one interpreting the customers requirements in the Cartier style, and one representing the designers interpretation". Often it took several designs before all parties were satisfied and the item was given the go-ahead. Designs were often pasted together onto a large mount, resulting in a range of dates and styles being displayed together as shown in 'Cartier 1900-1939' page 56. As the drawings were hardly ever signed it is difficult to determine which artist produced which work.
    Literature: 'Cartier 1900-1939', Judith Rudoe, British Museum Press, 1997 edition.

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  • Estimate should read £400-£500
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