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Lot 160
Cameras and accessories qty
Sold for £275 (US$ 462) inc. premium
Auction Details
Lot Details
Cameras and accessories
Comprising a Zeiss Ikon quarter plate camera fitted with a Tessar f4.5/13.5cm lens in a Compur dial set shutter, a Praktica IV camera with a Tessar f2.8/50mm lens in maker's ER case, an Exa II fitted with a Domiplan f2.8/50mm lens in maker's ER case, a Balda 35mm camera with a Westanar f2.8/45mm lens in a Prontor-SVS shutter and maker's case, a Zeiss Nixe camera in a leather case, three folding Kodak cameras, two folding Ensign cameras, two box cameras, a plastic Baby Brownie camera, a slide carrier, three Western exposure meters, a Dallmeyer Dallon telephoto lens 17inch, No. 4, an Aldis Anastigmat f4.5/9.5inch lens and sundries. (qty)
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