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Lot 158
Cameras and accessories qty
Sold for £275 (US$ 461) inc. premium
Auction Details
Lot Details
Cameras and accessories
Comprising a Marion's Soho reflex half plate, black leather covered, (lacking rear focussing screen) with one double dark slide, a whole plate field camera by J Lizars, (lacking lens), a Kodak No. 3 folding Brownie, a Anschutz half plate camera with a series 3 Goerz Dagor 120mm/f6.5 lens, two Pathe cine cameras, a Rajar No. 6 black bakelite camera, a Tudor patent folding plate camera, (lacking rear screen), a Houghtons Klito falling plate camera, a Zeiss Ikon Maximar 207/3 6x9cm plate camera with a Tessar f4.5/10.5cm lens in a Zeiss Ikon Compur rim set shutter, two roll film box cameras and sundries. (qty)
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