Camera and other lenses
Lot 136
Camera and other lenses
Sold for £1,025 (US$ 1,721) inc. premium
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Camera and other lenses
Comprising a Tessar f6.3/50cm lens by E Krauss Paris in a lacquered brass barrel with Iris diaphragm to f32, a front element of a Taylor Taylor & Hobson soft/sharp focus f4.5/14 1/2ins Cooke portrait lens, a Schneider Xenar 21cm/f4.5 lens with mounting flange, a Ross London 8 1/2ins Xpres f4.5 lens with mounting flange, a 75mm Cooke Speed Panchro f2 lens, an Astro-Gesellschaft Berlin f4.5/210mm lens, a Ross Xpres 7 1/4ins/f4.5 lens with mounting flange, two Aldis Butcher reflex mount f4.5 5 3/4ins and 6ins lenses, another Aldis-Ensign 6ins/f4.5 lens, a projection lens, a Carl Zeiss Prisma 46mm process prism, three condensor lenses and sundry mounting boards.
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