Leica IIIF cased outfit
Lot 124
Leica IIIF cased outfit
Sold for £1,750 (US$ 2,946) inc. premium
Auction Details
Lot Details
Leica IIIF cased outfit
Comprising a Leica IIIf, black dial, chrome, No. 537060 fitted with a Summitar 5cm/f2 lens No. 816565 with cap, an Elmar 9cm/f4 lens, black and chrome No. 698321 with black caps, a Leitz Elmar 5cm/f3.5 lens, chrome, No. 708650 with both caps, an Elmar 5cm aperture ring, a Summaron f3.5/3.5cm lens, chrome, No. 1158659 with both caps, a ball and socket tripod head with quick detachable mount, panoramic head with interchangeable 5 and 3.5cm rings, an Afdoo postwar delayed action release, Elmar adjustable lens hood, Summaron 3.5 lens hood, Summitar folding lens hood, Ceyoo flash gun, Elmar 5cm close-up attachment, Imarect viewfinder 3.5-13.5cm, No. 11596, 5cm and 9cm bright line finders, a Metraphot 3 light meter in plastic case, 3.5/5cm reflex finder, Wintu chrome right angle finder, four Leitz spools in cases, spirit level bracket, film leader cutter template, two cable releases, filters for Summarit 5cm: 0,1,2,or,gr,UV,P,R.h,R.d, filters for Elmar 5cm: polarising filter on swing mount and spare back cover for Summitar lens all contained in a leather specially fitted suitcase, possibly supplied by Wallace Heaton with the Leitz ever-ready case for the Leica IIIf and a leather case for the Metraphot 3 light meter together with various original receipts and invoices.


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