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Lot 104A
A selection of magic lantern slides
Sold for £975 (US$ 1,638) inc. premium
Auction Details
Lot Details
A selection of magic lantern slides
Including five slipping slides, (made in Gt. Britain for McAllister, Mfg. Optician, New York), mechanical slide of proscenium arch (with broken shutter arrangement), two mechanical slides of wave motion (cracked) by Newton & Co, slipper slide of boats passing a castle, coloured views of London, and various multi-image slides with nursery rhyme and story content. A wooden box containing approx. sixty five black and white slides of world-wide locations, together with a similar box with mainly views of Switzerland, and a set of black and white slides entitled London to Mt. Blanc. Specific sets include monks of St. Bernard (Swiss rescue scenes) twelve slides, Tiger and the Tub – seven slides, Bill Adams, Hero of Waterloo (all wood framed) twelve slides, Old London Town fourteen slides, Panoramic slides (various subjects) hand painted twelve slides, a pulley slide Parting of the Red Sea, a good portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and two log slides (of three images each) Scripture Subjects Nos. 3 and 4, and Mammalia No. 9 (4 circular images) of lions and tigers. Together with five assorted wooden slide carriers and a set of hand-written presentation notes.

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