LITERATURE and EDUCATION - LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS. Collection of autograph and typed letters signed, c.1916-1930
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LITERATURE and EDUCATION - LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS. Collection of autograph and typed letters signed, c.1916-1930
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Collection of autograph and typed letters signed, addressed to officers of the LSE student body, largely dating from the last years of the Great War and the 1920s, including a series of eight autograph and one typed letter by Bertrand Russell, Honorary President of the Students Union ("...I have to give an address at about the same time at Liverpool on 'Mental Freedom in Education', which might do. On the other hand I think perhaps you would prefer something less platitudinous & more concerned with actualities, such as 'Reflections of a Globe-trotting Marxist' or 'Asia & Europe' or 'Internationalism & Finance'..."), together with letters (including some short series) by J.M. Keynes (in February 1925, soon after starting work on A Treatise on Money – "I am at the present time much engaged, partly in connection with a new book"), Lytton Strachey ("...lectures & addresses are I am sorry to say quite out of my line..."), Ernest Rutherford, Rudyard Kipling, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, H.G. Wells, Max Beerbohm, Montague Summers ("...I would suggest that I read a paper on Werewolves... If you prefer a paper on Witchcraft I can just easily speak on that subject..."), W.H. Bragg, Ronald Ross (proposing to talk on 'The Blessing of War' in July 1914 but changing the title to 'Evolution and War' that October), H.W. Nevinson (18 January 1915 – "this morning the War Office suddenly orders me to France"), Frederick Soddy, Stephen Leacock, Sheila Kaye-Smith, Bernard Shaw ("...I am afraid I cannot accept the Presidency... It would involve the preparation of a written paper; and for this I have no time..."), Arnold Bennett, Rebecca West, Hilaire Belloc, Flinders Petrie, Harold Laskie ("...May I generalize your suggestion to 'Coalition Government'?..."), W.H. Beveridge (when Director of the School – "the portrait of Mr and Mrs Webb by Mr William Nicholson will be on private view in the Founders' Hall"), Alfred Zimmern, Philip Noel Baker, Oswald Mosley (one when Labour and one as New Party), Walter de la Mare, General Smuts (accepting the post of President during the closing months of the Great War), and others (quantity)


  • Included in the lot is a collection of over thirty autograph letters by Eden Phillpotts, largely to his agent W.M. Colles, other recipients including the publisher John Lane.

Saleroom notices

  • Please note that there are seven autograph letters from Bertrand Russell, not eight as stated.
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