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BURNETT (HUGH) Papers of Hugh Burnett, many as creator and producer of the celebrated programme Face To Face, running between 1959 and 1962
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Papers of Hugh Burnett, many as creator and producer of the celebrated programme Face To Face, running between 1959 and 1962, and hosted by John Freeman, together with letters written at other times, correspondents including Evelyn Waugh (three autograph cards sent after the programme – "I have found in my pocket a cigar-cutter which is not mine. Is it yours?"), Osbert Lancaster (page of doodles showing an Indian family plus snake charmer gathered round a wireless set while an earnest Episcopal head floats in the ether above them), Lord Reith (heavily rewritten typescript of his interview on Face to Face prepared for publication and recording what he would have liked to have said rather than what he did say), Gilbert Harding (a curiously touching letter of 1950, almost as revealing in its way as his famously tearful Face to Face interview: "I hope you and your people were not displeased with the Brains Trust which we recorded the other night: and I also hope that I wasn't too boisterous or too troublesome: because I want to be asked again. If I was potentially troublesome – the merest word of warning will secure moderation and complete reform. I don't like being unemployed & I do like doing as I am told"), Spike Milligan ("...I read in the Sun newspaper you might be doing a programme on mental illness. As I am a victim of this myself, I have strong comments to make on the attitude of the medical and Christian world, and at how mental sufferers have suffered at the hands of what should be Christian and medical people..."), Glubb Pasha (autograph essay on King Husain of Jordan), Augustus John (series of eleven autograph letters plus an autograph two-page article: "I really dont see why you shouldn't remove me from my constricted position seated by the shove-ha'penny board, when you could have me against a magnificent back-ground of huge murals in the further studio. I am an alleged painter, not a picturesque rival of Rasputin. Is it possible you have been listening to Chelsea gossip, or reading the 'colourful' & oh so intimate revelations of the cheaper press?"), Edmund Blunden, Bertrand Russell (three, together with a signed cyclostyled typescript of his paper 'Freedom and the Philosopher': "Philosophers throughout the ages have been favourite subjects for governmental persecution... This honourable record is a great encouragement to those who, having devoted their lives to philosophy, are inclined in moments of doubt to suspect their researches of futility"), Henry Moore (four: "I should feel much happier if the interview was done here... particularly if some of my work is going to be included, I think it would all seem more natural here in its own atmosphere"), Rebecca West, Edith Sitwell, Jomo Kenyatta, Hasings Kamuzu Banda ("...Those Europeans, who realise... we are in the majority, we have the right to rule ourselves; that kind of Europeans has nothing to fear... But the other kind... to that kind of Europeans, I say 'Pack up now and go'..."), Marlene Dietrich (represented by an envelope addressed to her in Hollywood and stamped 'Inconnu (Unknown)' and 'Return to Sender'), Victor Gollancz, General Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin, Vompton Mackenzie, John Osborne, Harold Nicolson, John Huston, Norman Birkett (series), Cecil Beaton (three), C.M. Joad, Montgomery of Alamein, and others; together with a copy of Giuseppe Marchiori, L'Ultimo Picasso, signed by Picasso on the title
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