A large collection of various cricket books
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A large collection of various cricket books
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A large collection of various cricket books
Including 'Jack Hobbs' by Ronald Mason; 'The Story of the Oval' by Louis Palgrave; 'Walter Hammond' by Ronald Mason; 'Yorkshire's 22 Championships' by E.L.Roberts; 'The Hambledon Cricket Chronicle' by F.S.Ashley-Cooper; 'Cardus in the Covers' by Neville Cardus; 'My Life Story' by Jack Hobbs; 'The Fight for the Ashes 1934' by J.B.Hobbs; 'The Roses Test Matches 1919-1939' by Neville Cardus; 'Ashes and Dust' by D.R.Jardine; 'Cricket Campaigns by Norman Yardley; 'A Cricket Pro's Lot' by Fred Root; 'The 100 best cricket books' by Charles Britton; 'Your Innings' by Rev Everard; ''Death of a Gentleman' by Christopher Hollis; 'A History of Cricket' by Altham and Swanton; 'Crickety Cricket' by Douglas Moffat; 'Bat v Ball' by J.H.Lester; Cricket Illustrated' by Horace G.Hutchinson; 'Lords 1847-1945 by Sir Pelham Warner; 'Second Innings' by Neville Cardus; Yorkshire C.C.C. handbooks for 1952 and 1956; 'Cricket all the Year' by Neville Cardus; 'Bradman Farewell to Cricket' by Don Bradman; 'Hampshire County Cricket' by H.S.Altham; 'The Summer Game' by Neville Cardus; 'Hows that' by Frank Chester; 'Cricket Records' by Webber; 'Over to me' by Jim Laker; 'Don Bradmans Book' by Don Bradman; The Greatest Test Match' by John Marchant; 'The Charm of Cricket Past and Present' by Major Pricham; 'In Quest of the Ashes' by D.R.Jardine; 'Next Man In' by Gerald Brodribb; 'From Hambledon to Lords' by John Nyren. Small qty ex-libris J.W.Goldman. (38)
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