A Blackened Curassier's Three-Quarter Armour
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A Blackened Cuirassier Three-Quarter Armour
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A Blackened Cuirassier Three-Quarter Armour
Circa 1630, Probably Danish
Comprising closed burgonet with rounded two-piece skull joined along the comb with a rolled overlap and with a tubular plume-holder at the rear with incised line decoration, the back of the skull pierced on each side with a series of circular ventilation holes, bevor and pointed fall pivoted at the same points, the fall with face-guard of three rectangular bars riveted to a curved band at their base, the bevor shaped to the chin, pierced with a circular arrangement of holes on each side and with a sprung button locking-catch on the right, the face opening filled with a falling buffe of three overlapping plates and secured in the closed position by a spring-catch, the two top plates each pierced with ventilation slots on one side and a series of small holes on the other, the uppermost also with key-hole slots, and single neck-plate front and rear, each with medial ridge and drawn-out to a point, gorget of one plate front and rear, pivoting on the left and secured on the right, heavy breast- and back-plate each with a flange at the bottom, the breast-plate with medial ridge drawn-out to a blunt point at the bottom and with a hinged catch on both sides engaging with a corresponding pin on the back-plate, articulated arm-defences with pauldrons each of four plates extending over the front and back, and with three upward-lapping lames over the tops of the arms linked by a turning joint to the upper cannons of the vambraces, couters each with heart-shaped side-wing, the inside of each elbow protected by laminations, and tubular lower cannons hinged together and each secured by a pin-catch, knee-length tassets each of fourteen upward-lapping lames, detachable at the ninth lame and each secured by slotted and turning pin-catches, and poleyns with rounded fluted side-wings, the main edges with plain turns, dome-headed rivets throughout (some of the replacement leather straps perished): on a wooden stand


  • Provenance:
    Tøjhusmuseum, Copenhagen
    E.A. Christensen

    A.B. Hoffmeyer, Gammelt Jern E.A. Christensens Vabensamlung, 1968, pp. 209 and 212, cat. no. 184

    Twenty similar armours survive in the Tøjhusmuseum described as for 'ordinary horse soldiers'. Of these, seven have identical helmets, and three have identical arm-defences
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