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A group of reference books, magazines and catalogs on Chinese snuff bottles, glass and related works
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Property from the Alan E. Feen Collection of Chinese Glass
A group of reference books, magazines and catalogs on Chinese snuff bottles, glass and related works
Consisting of thirty-six texts, including:
A Treasury of Chinese Snuff Bottles: The Mary and George Block Collection: Volume 5: Glass, 3 vols., by Hugh Moss, Victor Graham and Ka Bo Tsang, Hong Kong, 2002. ISBN: 962750260X
Heavenly Creations, University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong, 2005. ISBN: 9628038583
Chinese Snuff Bottles in the Collection of Mary and George Bloch by Robert Kleiner, British Museum Press, London, 1995. ISBN: 0714114650
The Collector's Book of Snuff Bottles by Bob C. Stevens, Weatherhill, New York/Tokyo, 1980. ISBN: 0834801191
A Glossary of Chinese Snuff Bottle Rebus by Raymond Li, Nine Dragons, Hong Kong, 1976.
Elegance and Radiance by Humphrey K.F. Hui and Peter Y.K. Lam, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2000. ISBN: 9627101516
Chemical Analyses of Early Glasses, 2 vols., by Robert H. Brill, The Corning Museum of Glass, New York, 1999. ISBN: 0872901424.
Pure Brightness Shines Everywhere: The Glass of China by Emily Byrne Curtis, Ashgate, Hong Kong, 2004. ISBN: 0754609812
Chinese Glass of the Qing Dynasty 1644-1911, Phoenix Art Museum, 1987. ISBN: 0910407207
Treasures of Chinese Glass Work Shops, Asiantiques, Inc, Winter Park, Florida, 1997. ISBN: 1875529242
Scientific Research in Early Chinese Glass edited by Robert H. Brill and John H. Martin, The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York, 1991. ISBN: 087290126-2 [2 copies]
A Chorus of Colors: Chinese Glass from Three American Collections, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1995. [8 copies]
Glass by Paul Vickers Gardner, Smithsonian Institution, 1979.
Glass of the Sultans by Stefano Carboni and David Whitehouse, Yale University Press, New Haven/London, 2001. ISBN: 0300088515
Glass by Ruth Hurst Vose, Crescent Books, New York, 1975. ISBN: 0517684772
An Illustrated Dictionary of Glass by Harold Newman, Thames and Hudson, London, 1977.
Early Chinese Glassware by An Jiayao, translated by Matthew Henderson, The Oriental Ceramic Society (Translations Number Twelve, [1984]. [2 copies]
Early Chinese Glass by Simon Kwan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2001 [in Chinese]. ISBN: 9627101524
Luster of Autumn Water: Glass of the Qing Imperial Workshop by Zhang Rong, Forbidden City Publishing House, 2004 [in Chinese]. ISBN: 7800474666/J.220
Gongyi meishu bian 10: jinyin boli falanqi (Chinese Arts Series, vol. 10: Gold, Silver, Glass and Enamelwares) edited by Yang Boda, Wenwu Press, Beijing, 1987.
Glass Art from Hsinchu, National Museum of History, Beijing, 1987 [in Chinese]. ISBN: 9570228962
Delicacy and Glamour - Ancient Chinese Glasswork, National Museum of History, Beijing, 1989 [in Chinese]. ISBN: 9570256508
Zhongguo jinyin boli: Falangqi Quanji (Collection of Chinese Metal, Glass and Enameled Ware), vol. 4, Hebai Fine Art, 2004. ISBN: 7531017288
Zhongguo gu boli (Chinese Antique Glass, Taipei, 1998. ISBN: 95278273029
Gu boli jianshang yu shoucang (Collection and Appreciation of Antique Glass by Fong Naien, Jilin Science Tech., 1996. ISBN: 7538415521
Gugong Wenwu (The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art), Issue No. 318, Sept. 2009. [2 copies] ISSN: 10119078
A History of Glass in Japan by Dorothy Blair, Kodansha International Ltd, Tokyo, 1973. ISBN: 0870111965
Ch'ing Dynasty Glass by Yoshio Tsuchiya, Shikosha, Kyoto, 1989 [in Japanese]. ISBN: 4879405078
and two reprinted articles from Journal of Glass Studies, each by Emily Bryne Curtis: 'Notes on Qing Glassmaking,' vol. 39, 1997, and 'Foucquet's List: Translation and Comments on the Color Blue Sky After Rain,' vol. 41, 1999.
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