An Egyptian bronze figure of a jackal - Boulad 1958 known as 'Marc'
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An Egyptian bronze figure of Wepwawet
£2,000 - 3,000
US$ 3,400 - 5,000
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An Egyptian bronze figure of Wepwawet
Third Intermediate - Late Period, circa 1069-332 B.C.
The canine god depicted with slight body standing upright in alert position, the front and hind legs paired together, with a long straight tail, the face with incised details of the eyes and mouth, with erect pointed ears, 2½in (6.5cm) high, mounted


  • Provenance:
    Swiss private collection, acquired at Boulad in New York in 1958. Known as 'Marc' to the family.

    For a similar example of a bronze statuette of the god Wepwawet, the 'Opener of the Paths', cf. P. Germond, An Egyptian Bestiary, 2001, p. 160, pl. 199.
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