A British hoard of four silver ingots 4
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A British hoard of four silver ingots 4
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A British hoard of four silver ingots
Late Iron Age, circa early 1st Century A.D.
Two of shallow bowl shape, weighing respectively 8544.4g and 8643.3g, 6¾in (17cm) and 8¼in (21cm)diam, and two of hemispherical shape, weighing 6055.3g and 3681.1g, 5in (12cm) and 5½in (14cm) (4)


  • Provenance:
    Found in August 2009 at Shalfleet, Isle of Wight (Treasure Act 1996. No.2009 T460) with a single defaced coin which has been retained by the owner.

    This find is closely related to a 2004 find of three similar ingots and 157 Celtic and Roman coins from South Wight, also Isle of Wight, similar to the example found with the ingots in this lot (Treasure Annual Report, 2004, p.170, no.421) which is now in the British Museum.

    Non-destructive X-ray flourescense analysis at the British Museum of the surface of the now pitted and corroded ingots on offer indicates composition as tabulated:

    Ingot 1. Silver: 84% Gold:10% Copper: 6% Lead: trace Tin. Nil Weight: 8544.4 Grams
    Ingot 2. Silver:76% Gold:8% Copper: 14% Lead: trace Tin: Nil Weight: 8643.3 Grams
    Ingot 3. Silver:51% Gold:3% Copper: 42% Lead:3% Tin: 2% Weight: 6055.3 Grams
    Ingot 4. Silver: 78% Gold:7% Copper: 13% Lead:1% Tin: trace Weight: 3681.1 Grams

    The proportions are by weight rather than volume.

    It would seem that this hoard was interred during the time leading up to the Roman invasion of 43 A.D. by the Celtic tribe the Durotriges who inhabited the Island and the surrounding area of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. The deposit was possibly ritual as these ingots were found lined up in a roughly east-west axis. The single coin, which is not offered, was defaced either to demonetise it or for ritual purposes. The defacement is the same as some of the coins found with the South Wight hoard. For the type of coin cf. R.D.van Arsdell, Celtic Coinage of Britain, London, 1989, no.1205.
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