A unique wartime collection of scale waterline recognition models,
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A unique wartime collection of scale waterline recognition models,
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A unique wartime collection of scale waterline recognition models,
by Bassett-Lowke Ltd. Built of timber to a scale of 1:1200, mostly painted grey, with two in unfinished original condition. 28 models, depicting warships, aircraft carriers and submarines from British, German, Italian, Japanese, French and American Navies. Set on nine removable shelves, in a folding transit case, 17x24x5in.(43x61x13cm) Together with a polished glazed mahogany display case, to hold the individual shelves. 35x25in.(89x64cm).


    Bassett-Lowke Ltd. Managing Director and thence by descent.

    Bassett-Lowke were well-known for producing recognition models for the Armed Forces, since before WW1. In the early 1940's Bassett-Lowke were approached by Winston Churchill, who was concerned about incidents of "Friendly Fire" bombings on Allied warships. He discussed his concept of waterline recognition models, designed to be viewed from above, as a training aid for aircrews. Bassett-Lowke produced this set of models for Churchill to present to War Office officials and on approval the wooden models were returned to the Company who then mass produced a series in cast aluminium from these prototypes which were distributed to the armed forces.

    Vessels depicted: HMS Illustrious, Southampton, Fuji, Leander, Javelin & T Class submarine. (UK)Fuso, Shokaku, Kinugaja, Momi (Japan)Littorio, Conte di Cavour, Bolzano, Leone (Italy) Scharnhorst, Admiral Scheer, Tirpitz, Koln, Lebergecht (Germany) Richelieu, La Galissonniere, Dugay Touin, Aigle (France)Saratoga, South Dakota, Ranger, Portland (USA).
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